Career Workshops

You will have to choose two of the three workshops that will be led by an exciting guest speaker. All three workshops are interactive and engaging sessions where distinguished guests come out to inspire you.

The followings are the three workshop topics we have in mind for LC 2013.

#1 NAVIGATE – Now that you have your degree, where do you want to go from here? Do you feel confused over what you “want to do” versus what you “should do”?  Learn from a panel discussion of three mentors who will talk about how they deviated from their initial career paths to explore their true passions. This workshop is designed to help you identify and navigate a career to suit your abilities, circumstances and aspirations.

  • Importance of understanding your unique goals, skills, traits and circumstances
  • Learn to weigh the pros and cons of choosing a particular career path
  • Explore non-traditional career paths
  • Feel more empowered and confident about your career opportunities
  • Identify the signs that this is the wrong or right career for you
  • Risks to consider in not exploring your career options

#2 IGNITE – Once you have decided on a career path, what skills do you need to spark a great career and standout from your competition? Develop the necessary tools for career success, including networking, handling interviews, mentoring and personal branding.

#3 ACCELERATE – You now have a job which means you have your foot in the door, but what does it take to standout, get promoted and advance in your career?  Knowledge and hard work are not enough to ensure career success in today’s business environment.  Do you have a strategy to distinguish yourself in your career and stand out from the crowd? Prepare for your professional advancement by learning the strategies you need to standout in the workplace, overcome obstacles and take control of your career.  This workshop is designed to help you accelerate your career success.

  • Importance of perception in the workplace
  • Recognize your limitations and turn your weaknesses into to strengths
  • Step out of your comfort zone to explore career advancement opportunities
  • Tips and strategies to get noticed by your peers and seniors


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